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Nematodes pose a significant threat to crop roots, multiplying rapidly under favorable conditions and causing the formation of large knots, particularly the notorious Root Knot nematode, prevalent globally. These pests lead to substantial economic losses for farmers across the globe.


NEMILT® is a game-changer Nematicide for nematode management. Formulated with cutting-edge technology and proprietary ingredients, NEMILT® targets these soil-borne pests with precision, providing long-lasting protection for your crops.

NEMILT® Formulated with proprietary ingredients, delivers targeted defense against these soil-borne pests. It’s more than just pest control, NEMILT® also nourishes your crops with essential micronutrients, boosting their resilience and unlocking maximum yield.

Why choose NEMILT®?

  • Effective and Convenient:

Apply directly to the soil for hassle-free protection. It can be applied by showering on raised beds before plantation to neutralize pre-developed spores of nematodes. It can also be used in live crops and applied via drenching or drip irrigation systems.

  • Dual action:

Combats both nematodes and fungus-like wilts for comprehensive defense.

  • Micronutrient boost:

Nourishes your crops for optimal growth and vitality.

  • Liquid formula:

Easy to measure, mix, and apply. Strictly follow provided guidelines for the optimum results.

  • Enhanced Root Growth:

After application, NEMILT® paralyzes nematodes, encouraging the growth of healthy new roots, ensuring nematode-free root growth.

  • Versatile Application:

Suitable for Open farming, Polyhouse, Greenhouse, Shade Nethouse, and other Protected farming environments


For optimum results, it is essential to follow the recommendations provided by the company. NEMILT® is formulated to deliver maximum effectiveness when used according to specified guidelines. These recommendations may include application rates, timing, and methods tailored to different crops and growing conditions.

Follow recommended handling and storage guidelines for safe and effective use. Choose NEMILT® and cultivate a future where your fruits and vegetables flourish, free from the threats hidden beneath the surface.



NEMILT® is a registered trademark of Impact Agro Solutions.

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